Are you a baker, potter, filmmaker, beekeeper, designer, astronomer, teacher, long distance runner, philosopher, artist or artisan?

Tentiko is launching this Fall. will be the place to find Denver’s best local and authentic experiences. We’re currently searching for Denver’s taste-makers who can hand craft experiences that will amaze and delight our guests. We’re thinking of experiences like Backyard Beer Garden with a Philosopher or Farm to Table Bike Ride and Feast.

Do you have an experience that you can host? Then please fill out the form or contact us

Why Work with us?

Host an Experience with Tentiko

It’s simple: Because we want to see you succeed. And to be perfectly honest, if you succeed through sharing your passion, then we will, too.

You’re the expert. Why not focus on that? We’re here to bring your passion and talent to a bigger audience. We make it simple for you to create, market, host and get paid for the experiences you create. We do everything we can to make it easy for you so that you can focus on what you do best – hosting awesome experiences.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • We share your passion with others
  • We tell guests what’s special about your city
  • We build your fan base
  • We pay you for having fun and doing something you already love to do
  • We make you part of the Tentiko team so you can learn and grow by connecting to our expert hosts

Here’s what you get:

  • A free listing of your experience
  • A trusted marketplace that creates sales and repeat business
  • Payment processing from guests anywhere in the world
  • Access to a much bigger audience
  • Help (if you need it) finding the best place for your experience
  • Expert marketing help – writing copy, professional photography and promoting your experience

How to get Started

The process for becoming a host and getting paid for delivering experiences is pretty simple. All you have to do is tell us what you want to do and be prepared to deliver the experience.

  • Send us a description and some details: the number of people you can host, the price you want to charge, and the dates and times you’ll be offering the experience
  • We help you with copywriting and images that package your experience in a way that’ll make it stand out
  • We put it up on the site, market it and manage the signups
  • We keep you posted on how many to expect and send updates to your guests
  • You deliver the experience
  • We pay you

Become a Host

Tentiko hosts are local experience makers that love to share their passion with others. They’re down-to-earth people that deliver high-quality, unique , authentic experiences. They’re bakers, film makers, crafters, business executives, designers, historians, athletes, students, teachers, chefs, artists and artisians. We can’t list everything here, but they come from every walk of life.

Our hosts are diverse but they have one thing in common – a love for sharing their passion with others by creating and hosting unique experiences. Becoming a host is a simple process and we’d LOVE it if you’d apply. So what are you waiting for? Join our team!

Go ahead. We’d love to meet you. Fill out the form or send us an email